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The Cadillac

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Impact Panel Color: Black/Black
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The Cadillac Golf Cage package is the pinnacle of golf practice solutions, featuring our finest net and a robust impact panel. This all-inclusive package provides you with all the essentials required to help you achieve your best performance on the golf course. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a new golfer, the Cadillac package offers the ultimate tools to enhance your skills and elevate your game to new heights.

What's Included

*Note: Mats and other accessories may be shown in pictures but are not included. Please reference this list above for what is included in the package.

1-3/8" Powder Coated Steel Poles & Connectors

This golf package features a sturdy frame with 1-3/8" poles and durable aluminum corner fittings. Crafted for ease, the aluminum frame corners have locking set screws for simple assembly and disassembly. The black powder-coated steel poles look great and withstand rust, ensuring long-lasting use. What's more, these poles break down into 5-foot lengths for effortless off-season storage or convenient transportation. Unleash your golfing potential with this versatile and durable golf cage.

10 x 10 x 10 #252 Nylon Golf Cage Net

A vital feature of this net is the strength and weight of the material. Our #252 nylon netting is made entirely of knotless nylon netting, urethane-impregnated, and UV-treated. This durability means it will last a long time under the sun and weather so that you can enjoy it for years. 

3x3 Black & White Target

This free-hanging target is designed to improve your aim and help you concentrate on your swing. We've incorporated two different materials to help give the golfer audible feedback without needing to lift their head to see where the shot went. The black outer stripes are made of a heavy vinyl material, which creates an audible "pop" when a golf ball makes contact. The white center stripe is made of a fine nylon mesh, which is quiet upon impact. Quite simply - if the shot is quiet, it's good. If the shot makes a "pop," you need more practice!

10 x 10 #252 Nylon Impact Panel

Features a stitched webbing border with brass grommets for easy installation. This netting is tightly woven with 48 nylon strands and is urethane-impregnated. Urethane acts like a protective coating that helps resist shrinking and snagging. It also prevents the net from absorbing water, so it resists rotting, again increasing the lifespan of the netting. The impact panel significantly improves the durability of the cage, ensuring that it will take longer to wear out. Replacing the impact panel is far cheaper and more accessible than replacing the cage. Choose from green or black.

Golf Ball Tray

These trays are crafted to the highest specifications as a great addition to a golf mat. We used a UV-inhibiting polymer for lasting durability and resistance to cracking and fading. To enhance stability, the trays feature a cleverly designed lip that easily slides under a golf mat, preventing any unwanted shifting during your practice sessions. Additionally, we've thoughtfully incorporated drain holes into the tray, allowing efficient water drainage to keep your golf balls in optimal condition.

Disclaimer: Weather-related damage (wind, snow, etc.) to golf cage poles is not covered or considered a defect.