Parbuster Golf Impact Panels

Golf Impact Panels

Protect your golf cage netting or hang it independently

Parbuster offers a versatile range of golf cage impact panels to enhance your golfing experience. Our impact panels come in various sizes, ranging from 5'x5' to 10'x20', catering to diverse needs and spaces. We prioritize durability and functionality, providing two material options for different usage scenarios.



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The stronger nylon netting is ideal for indoor use, making it perfect for basements or garages. On the other hand, the HDPE netting, while slightly less robust, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, allowing golf enthusiasts to set up their practice space in a golf cage, garage, basement, or outdoors. Parbuster's commitment to high-quality materials ensures that our impact panels withstand the rigors of practice, providing a reliable and durable solution for golfers of all skill levels.