Super Duty Golf Cage Net (10' x 10' x 10')

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The Net:

Our top of the line, handmade cage. This 10x10x10 cage is simply the best golf cage available. This Super Duty Commercial Net Cage is made entirely of knotless nylon netting, urethane impregnated and UV treated. This cage has a 3″ webbing border instead of rope, and optionally includes a separate impact panel of the same material. Frames, install kits, and targets are sold separately.

A key feature to this cage is the strength and weight of the netting. The netting is DuPont™ type 66 nylon, with a heavy bonding for UV protection. Even though this cage is designed for golf, the netting used is much heavier than many of the standard golf cage nets available on the market. This netting has a break strength of approximately 240 lbs. per strand, and no golf ball hits a single strand, so it is extremely durable even through heavy use. It comes with a stitched rope border for ease of installation. Available in Green or Black.

10 x 10 Impact Panel:

Features a stitched webbing border with brass grommets for easy installation. This netting is very tightly woven with 48 strands of nylon and like the cage, it is also urethane impregnated. Urethane acts like a protective coating that helps resist shrinking and snagging. It also prevents the net from absorbing water, so it resists rotting. This increase in durability lengthens the time you can continue to enjoy the golf system at home. Available in Green or Black, dimensions 10' x 10'.

Customer Reviews

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Kail B. (Lee's Summit, US)
10x10 Net


I received my net this past week and when I got it out and hung I noticed there was a hole in it. I was very careful when I opened the box knowing there was netting inside. I didn’t even use anything sharp, I pulled the tape back to open the box. I haven’t had any issues to this point but was a little disappointed with the hole. I have attached a picture.

Any suggestions on how to keep it from getting bigger?

James L. (Folsom, US)
I like it.

It seems like i.t will last. There are seven atachment rings which is good. It came with zip ties which the cage did not.

Craig M. (Edmond, US)
Really is Super Duty

The entire cage setup is perfect. The super duty net even easily stands up to Driver shots that might miss the impact panel. The set up is so good that my wife asked me to start showing her how to swing and so it is now an every afternoon thing. Highly recommend Parbusters inground setup and Super duty net. If it can stand up to Oklahoma winds, it will stand up to anything.

DICK Z. (Cincinnati, US)
New and improved from previous.

The grommets on the upper edges are a great improvement.

Huntley M. (Danville, US)

I was very excited to receive the cage. I realize this is pretty typical these days, but it was back ordered so it took longer than I had hoped. Then, when it did arrive there was a mixup and the nets didn’t match. Customer service was helpful and responsive and I got the correct net a couple days later. A couple of the poles didn’t line up perfectly but I was able to ad lib and make it work. In the end, it took a little while and there were some bumps in the road, but the cage is great and getting lots of use.

(Suggestion: include directions rather than making people call and request them)

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