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Ultra Duty Golf Impact Panel 10 x 10

Original price $59.00 - Original price $350.00
Original price $180.00
$109.00 - $350.00
Current price $180.00
Color: Black
Size: 10'x10'
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⚠️ New orders on this product are currently delayed for the 10x15 and 10x20 for 2-3 weeks. We are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

10′ x 10′ Delta impact panels are quiet on impact and are considered to be the most durable material available for heavy use. Includes a lead line sewn into the webbing at the bottom of the panel. This is the material we use for professional systems, colleges, and golf training schools. The panel makes practicing your swing more enjoyable by reducing the noise of the shot, and ensuring peace of mind by protecting anything nearby when it catches the ball.  We suggest leaving two feet of space between the impact panel and any hard surfaces.  

Major organizations like Princess Cruise Lines, Ping Golf, Taylor Made, and Pro Golf Discount stores use Delta baffles for their own in house use, which helps you be confident that this impact panel will hold up through countless shots.

Customer Reviews

Based on 124 reviews
Garrett K. (Queen Creek, US)
Great purchase!

Love the impact panel, looks great.

Glad you love the Impact Panel. It will save wear on your netting. We appreciate you shopping with us. Here's to hitting it long and straight!

Steve T

Thom (Los Angeles, US)
Item as strong as advertised

I read several reviews before I purchased this product and was intrigued since I shot balls through a couple other nets I purchased (breaking my sliding glass door on one). One shot broke a net I only had shot about 70 balls into. My monitor recorded the ball speed over 180 mph, so I determined I needed something more capable.

Thus far this product from Parbuster has barely shown I’m hitting it. When checking from the side it appears the mat only moves back about 1 foot (shooting from about 8 to 10 feet away) and almost appears like it’s begging for me to test it further (if I could).

After a handful of quality high speed shots I did add a smaller canvas type mat and low grade net I still had to assist (I’m a bit gunshy after my door incident). But I can tell the Parbuster mat is doing the bulk of the protection very effectively and would likely be fine on its own long term. My hope is that the other items will be sacrificial and help the Parbuster mat last longer.

My biggest worry is that I have an outdoor cage system. I’m not sure how sun, rain, and general weathering will impact the mat longer term. I plan to take down the nets and mats when I anticipate long periods of not using it. And during the summer I’ll probably take it down more. But it has been up through two recent rainstorms and temperature fluctuations from 40 to 80 degrees F. Thus far I have no complaints. Thank you for the peace of mind this mat is providing.

Thanks for your purchase and for taking the time to provide us your feedback. With club speed like yours, we're glad to hear the Ultra Duty Impact Net is holding up well. Be sure to use golf balls that are not scarred or have 'smiles' in them (my bag is full them LOL). You might also consider
This will protect the most wear spot on your net even more.

Steve T

Matthew D. (Naperville, US)
Ultra Duty Gold Impact Panel/Net

Worth the price. Great product. No more spending $50+ on “Golf nets” that last a few months. I’ve only had this product a few weeks but very optimistic this is my last net.

Glad you like the Ultra Duty Impact Panel/Net. If you are careful not to hit scarred golf balls (like I have in my bucket) this net should last you a long time. We appreciate are purchase AND for taking the time to provide your feedback.

Steve T

Fredrick T. (Gallatin, US)

Quick shipping and the panel is perfect for hitting golf balls into. I have it mounted to the ceiling with 3 ft. hanging on the floor with weights holding it towards me. The balls automatically comes back almost everytime. 10 X 10 is pretty big but it's better than being too small. Well worth the money. Happy camper.

Glad the 10 x 10 deluxe impact panel is working well for you. We love your 'ball return' idea too. Happy Swing Therapy!

Steve Thompson

William H. (Rochester, US)

Perfect net…no noise and great ball retention. Definitely the right choice for my application.

Hey, thanks for giving us feedback on the Ultra Heavy Duty Golf Impact Panel. This is a best seller for us. We are glad you like it and chose Parbuster for some of your golfing needs.

Steve T