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If you've ever asked yourself "is there a golf driving range near me" then The Bentley home golf driving range is for you. It's simply the ultimate in golf practice cages. We are sure you'll be impressed with every detail. Let's start with the golf practice net; this package includes our 10'x10'x10′ super-duty golf hitting net. These nets are hand-sewn to order by our experienced netting professionals.

The Golf Frame:

This set comes with our professionally engineered free-standing institutional frame, great for indoor or outdoor applications. This frame is constructed using welded steel corner fittings and black powder-coated steel tubing with an outside diameter of 1.625 inches. The poles quickly break down into 5' sections for easy off-season storage.

Delta Impact Panel:

Our impact panel incorporates our highest quality material, featuring a heavy webbed border with cleated brass grommets at the top for easy installation. This impact panel is without comparison when it comes to golf cage materials. It will never absorb water, will never shrink, and most of all, it's durable. Available in black or green.

The Target:

This golf package includes our durable target. The white center stripe is a fine nylon mesh, which is quiet when the ball strikes it. The black outer lines are heavy vinyl, which creates an audible "pop". This target provides the golfer with instant audible shot feedback without the golfer needing to look up to see where his or her ball went. If the shot is quiet, the ball hit the center strip; if the shot makes a pop, it's off line.

The Mat:

Included is our very best high-density golf mat. You can hit from any position - the pile is so thick, you can place a tee anywhere on this mat. At 4'x5', this mat is large enough to accommodate left-handed and right-handed golfers without the need to turn the mat around or reposition it. This high-density mat is the same one we provide to golf courses and driving ranges. It's over 1 inch thick and has a rigid, dense black backing, perfect for practicing golf indoors or in your backyard.

Golf Tray:

Our tray holds up to 144 golf balls, nearly twice as many as other trays, and frankly, we think this is the best golf ball tray available. These trays are manufactured to the highest specifications, including a UV inhibited polymer that resists cracking and fading. We've incorporated a lip that slides under the golf mat to keep the tray from sliding around, and we built drain holes into the tray to let the water run out.

Stake-down Kit:

This bundle includes superior ground stakes and straps to secure the golf cage firmly to the ground.

Swing Speed Radar:

Also included with this kit is our Swing Speed Radar. You can measure your swing speed and fine-tune your swing to increase your distance! Using Doppler radar technology, it includes velocity feedback when trouble-shooting your swing! Determine your optimum swing speed for distance, control, and accuracy! Determine the club characteristics that achieve the best results! Monitor the effects of changes in your mechanics on your swing performance!

Customer Reviews

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good so far

The bentley

Everyone I worked with was especially helpful. Especially Kathy in customer service.

Missing item in my order.

Please send me the last missing item, d target, of my order & I’ll write my review after I get it. Thank u.

No poles for net to be connected to

I have received everything except the 5 ft poles. What am I supposed to do.

Ideal Home Practice Facility

I used the Harley model for several years but had to give it up when moving into a different home. I ultimately moved into a home that had a garage with a high ceiling. I chose to become reacquainted with a golf practice cage by purchasing the Bentley model. It did not disappoint.
The golf mat is thick, dense and extremely durable.
Having the impact panel to absorb the initial contact of the ball is desirable.
My pre-golf round routine consists of hitting 25-30 shots in the cage to limber up and become comfortable with my swing.
I also spend time in the cage fine-tuning my swing with all the clubs in my bag.
Thanks Par Buster.

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