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Just about every golfer has used a golf club on the driving range to help with alignment. It’s pretty effective and the price is right, but there are a couple of problems with this. The first problem is that every time you touch the club with your foot, it moves. You may not even notice a very slight kick, but it doesn’t take much to move a golf club laying on a mat. Often the mat moves when you swing. So while you think you are practicing with perfect alignment, you may be off a couple of degrees without realizing that your club has moved. The second problem is that while the shaft is straight, the club head takes off at an angle, which can throw off your visual cues, and again makes proper alignment more difficult. So, we came up with a little alignment tool to help out. It’s pretty simple. The clips slide over each end of the mat, and slightly tensions a bungee cord which produces a straight line that can easily be adjusted to almost any angle. It stays put until you decide to change the angle, and the visual cues are perfect!

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