Why You Need an Impact Panel for Your Golf Practice Cage or Net

HDPE Golf Cage Impact Panel

Having an impact panel in your golf cage serves several important purposes:


An impact panel acts as a protective barrier between the golf balls and the surrounding area. It helps to prevent balls from flying off uncontrollably, reducing the risk of injuries to you and others nearby.


Golf balls can cause wear and tear on the netting over time, leading to premature damage. The impact panel takes the brunt of the force from the ball strikes, preserving the longevity of the netting and the overall structure of the cage.


When practicing golf, especially with a simulator, it's essential to have a realistic experience. The impact panel simulates the sensation of hitting a golf ball against a surface, enhancing the authenticity of your practice sessions.


A quality impact panel can provide valuable feedback on ball contact. You can observe the trajectory and impact marks on the panel, helping you assess your shots and make necessary adjustments to improve your swing.


An impact panel makes it easier to locate and retrieve golf balls after practice, as they tend to gather near the hitting area, rather than scattering all over the place.

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