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    The Bentley

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    The Bentley golf package is simply the ultimate in golf practice cage systems. We are sure you'll be impressed with every detail. Starting with the netting, this package includes our 10'x10'x10' Super Duty cage. These nets are hand sewn one at a time, for your specific order in Everson, Washington. As a spinning golf ball impacts the net, any slight abrasions on the ball will catch on loosely woven netting, causing premature wear. Tightly woven with 48 strands of nylon and urethane impregnated. The urethane acts as a protective coating that will help resist shrinking and snagging. The urethane also prevents the net from absorbing water, which leads to rot over time. These custom handmade cages are available in Black or Emerald Green
  • The Harley

    This package includes a 10'x10'x10' medium-duty PE golf cage net, a separate 10'x10' heavy duty nylon impact panel, an aluminum corner kit and poles for assembling your frame, a 3'x3' practice target, and a 3'x5' medium duty hitting mat with golf tray.
  • This target is hand made from the same material used in our very best impact panels, and also in our golf simulator cages. The Delta material is very quiet upon impact, and will outlast almost any other material used in golf cages today. Features a heavy duty machine-stitched webbing border with cleated brass grommets at the top for easy installation into your cage.