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HD Commercial Golf Cage

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$515.00 - $515.00
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Impact Panel Color: Black
Net Color: Black
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This package includes a 10'x10'x10' heavy-duty nylon golf cage net, a separate 10'x10' heavy-duty nylon hex impact panel, an aluminum corner kit for assembling your frame, a 3'x3' practice target, and a 3'x5' medium-duty hitting mat with golf tray for only $515! This light commercial quality cage literally weighs more than twice as much as our competitors' “Commercial Cage,” and heavier material translates to greater durability and longer life. (Poles are not included.)

The Net:

A key feature to this cage is the strength and weight of the netting. The netting is DuPont™ type 66 nylon, with a heavy bonding for UV protection. Even though this cage is designed for golf, the netting used is much heavier than many of the standard golf cage nets available on the market. This netting has a break strength of approximately 240 lbs. per strand, which is similar to the one our competitors are selling for $500 without a double back, without a target, and without a mat! It comes with a stitched rope border for ease of installation. Available in Green or Black.

Impact Panel:

Features a stitched webbing border with brass grommets for easy installation. This netting is very tightly woven with 48 strands of nylon and is urethane impregnated. Urethane acts like a protective coating that helps resist shrinking and snagging. It also prevents the net from absorbing water, so it resists rotting. This increase in durability increases the time you can continue to enjoy the golf system at home. Available in Green or Black.

The Frame:

The HD Commercial Golf Cage includes a corner kit for assembling a 10'x10'x10' frame. The frame corners are aluminum, with an I.D. of 1-3/8" and locking set screws for simple assembly and disassembly. (Poles are NOT included.)

While this package does not include the poles, we will be glad to specify exactly what you'll need to complete your frame. You can purchase poles at your local home improvement store or fencing supplier, or we can provide them here. You will need eleven 1-3/8" poles, each one ten feet in length. If your cage is going to be subjected to wind or inclement weather, we highly recommend our stake down kit.


Our durable target features a white center stripe made from a fine nylon mesh, which is quiet when the ball strikes it. The black outer stripes are made from a heavy black vinyl material, which makes an audible "pop" when contacted. In this way target provides the golfer with instant audible shot feedback without the golfer needing to look up to see where his or her ball went. If the shot is quiet, the ball hit the center strip. If the shot makes a pop, it is off-line.


New orders on this product are currently delayed for the mat 2-4 weeks. We are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Finally, this deal is rounded out with a 3'x5' medium-duty hitting mat. This mat holds up well and is perfect for a long-lasting backyard / indoor golf practice mat. Both the base and the turf are thicker and more durable than residential hitting mats. The mat comes with a golf tray which holds up to 144 golf balls. That is nearly twice as many as other trays and frankly, we think this is the best golf ball tray available. These trays are manufactured to the highest specifications, including a UV inhibiting polymer that resists cracking and fading. We've incorporated a lip that slides under the golf mat to keep the tray from sliding around, and we built drain holes into the tray in order to let the water out.

Disclaimer: Weather related damage (wind, snow, etc.) to golf cages is not covered or considered a defect. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Eric J. (Vicksburg, US)
Haven’t opened box yet.

Won’t know until spring.

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your purchase of your HD Commercial Golf Cage. We can't wait to hear how it serves you when you get a chance to use it. Thank you for choosing Parbuster. We look forward to serving you in the future. Happy New Year.

Brook Korthuis

Michael H. (Poway, US)
Nice Set-Up

I have been using this net for almost four weeks now and can say that it really does the job well. I never worry about a golf ball escaping the net and that gives me the peace of mind that I was looking for. One thing that I found a bit unusual was the net comes with no poles, so be sure to add them to your purchase. My net package included things that I didn't need (ball tray and hitting mat) and left out the one thing that I absolutely did need (the poles). However, it was made clear that I needed to buy the poles once I read the fine print in the description. But be careful, it is easy to miss. Once assembled though, with the larger poles, it is extremely well-made. One last thing thing, be sure to have another person help you (maybe even two extra people). And two ladders will help a lot too. Overall, a great net!

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your great review of your HD Commercial Golf Cage. We appreciate your feedback as well. I'll let our website team know about your suggestions. We wish you all the best this season and thank you again for choosing Parbuster.

Brook Korthuis

kyung b. (Bryn Mawr, US)

HD Commercial Golf Cage

Hi Kyung,

Thank you for your review of your HD Commercial Golf Cage. We wish you many years of enjoyment and Parbuster looks forward to serving all your needs in the future. Wishing you all the best.

Brook Korthuis

Augusto D. (The Bronx, US)

I haven't put it up yet but both of my brothers have it and love it im sure I'll like it too.

Randell G. (Taos, US)
scores goin' down

had a parbuster net in the late 70's. Never played so well, as this is the secret to getting better, access to hitting a few balls whenever the inspiration hits. This new net is definately the answer. It's high quality, materials are top-notch, deployed in shop before shipping, Assembled easily with a helper, and just couldn't be happier. Can feel the strokes coming off again. Got 1 and 3/8" chainlink top rail at my local hardware and away I went. Thanks Parbuster