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The Harley

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What's Included

This package includes a 10’x10’x10′ PE golf cage net, a separate 10’x10′ heavy-duty nylon impact panel, an aluminum corner kit, and poles for assembling your frame, a 3’x3′ practice target, and a 3’x5′ medium-duty hitting mat with golf tray.

This package comes with a 10x10x10 HDPE golf cage net. You will not only have a very strong and durable net, but your setup time will be shorter allowing you to practice sooner. The netting material is a standard duty HDPE. The sides and top are a #12 thread. The material has been treated with an integral UV inhibitor to resist the effects of direct sunlight, which serves to ensure that you can enjoy it for longer.

Included is a durable nylon impact panel, so if you wear a hole in it, you can simply replace it without even taking the cage net down from the frame. This added protection ensures that the most heavily used sections of the netting will last you for years of practice and countless shots. Choose from either black or green.

The package includes a complete frame including the poles, aluminum corner fittings, and all the accessories you'll need to hang your net and impact panel. The frame corners are aluminum, with locking set screws for simple assembly and disassembly. The black powder-coated poles look great, don't rust, and quickly break down into 5' lengths for easy off-season storage or transportation. 

The package includes our durable black and white 3x3 target. The white center stripe is made out of a fine polyester mesh, which is quiet when the ball strikes it. The black outer stripes are made of a heavy vinyl, which makes an audible "pop". This way the target provides the golfer with instant audible shot feedback without the golfer needing to look up to see where his or her ball went. If the shot is quiet, the ball hit the quiet center strip, if the shot makes a pop, the shot hit the outer black stripe.

Finally, this package is rounded out with a large 3'x5' medium-duty hitting mat. This mat holds up well and is perfect for a long-lasting backyard/indoor golf practice mat.

New orders for this mat are currently delayed for 2-4 weeks.

Disclaimer: Weather related damage (wind, snow, etc.) to golf cage poles are not covered or considered a defect. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Coach A. (Aynor, US)
Net has small tear and hole in it out of the box

Quick shipping , quality product no doubt however mine came with a little damage to the main netting that I had to basically weave back together with a new piece of sailboat twine. Otherwise everything else is fine. Possibly need better QC before shipping out torn netting.

Coach Allen,
Hey, thanks for your purchase of the Harley Batting Cage. Sorry to hear about the tear in the net. We'd be happy to send you a patch kit and some bungie ball wraps which will protect the net and make it last longer. Let me know if you want this kit - it's on us!

Steve T

Bartholomew S. (Tampa, US)
Envy of the Neighborhood

The Harley far exceeded my expectations. Setting it up was easy. (Once my wife figured out that I had the night inside out😂)
I am enjoying it every day and night. It’s such a great place to practice drills and I can use every club. I don’t have to worry about getting off work to rush to the driving range and then wait in traffic to get home. Thank you for a great product!

Hi Bartholomew,

Thank you so much for your great review of your Harley. We're so thrilled to hear that you're enjoying it all the time and you can use every club. Way to be the envy of the neighborhood. We wish you many, many years of enjoyment. Thank you for choosing Parbuster. We look forward to serving you in the future.

Brook Korthuis

Ryan S.
Harley frame is solid but net isn’t.

Bought this net 2 months ago and it’s been solid so far. Frame is sturdy and easy to assembly. Main net on the other hand is not. Sliced a driver shot into the corner just missing the impact net and the ball broke right through. Shooting out my yard and into the neighbors. I’m not a long hitter and my launch monitor measured the shot at 92mph club head speed so nothing too fast. Disappointed in the net not being able to stop an average driver shot. Messaged the company via chat and needed to follow up after over a week of not hearing back. Reply from Parbusters was the net is not warrantied. Based on the price of the Harley and recommendations from a colleague who bought the higher end bet I’m pretty disappointed in the quality and warranty policy. Planning to reinforce the right side of my net with another impact net to prevent balls from breaking through again. Hope the company finds a stronger net enclosure for the future or at the very least warranties their product.


Thank you so much for your review and purchase of the The Harley system. We are sorry to hear about your net not holding up to your driver shot. This is definitely rare and not a very common issue with our netting. Hopefully the ball didn't break any windows! We will review this feedback internally and see how we can improve our service for our customers. Please give us a call if you ever need anything else. We will do our best to be there for you.

Evan Fenton

Hector B. (Miami, US)
Love my golf driving cage

Excellent quality. Easy to assemble. Priced right.


Thank you so much for your review and high rating of the The Harley system! We love being able to offer high quality products at a competitive price. It is a win win situation for our customers. We are glad you are satisfied.

Evan Fenton

Michael L. (Metuchen, US)
Amazing customer service and product.

First, I reached out prior to my purchase and got great customer service and that continued throughout my experience. I have to say that everything about the Harley is really top notch. It is nice to have the poles break down into two sections of 5' instead of handling the 10 ones. They are strong when connected, so no worries about that. The black finish is a bit sleeker than the aluminum and definitely looks sharper. I did not receive any instructions and was left to my own devices to assemble. The net is supposed to go under the cage using the cord ties, but I preferred to pull it taught over the cage instead. It doesn't sage that way and to me looks much nicer and neater than the droopy undermount style. Everything went up in about 3 hours but may have been quicker if I had mounted the net under the frame. Overall, it is quite solid, but likely a good strong wind would push it over. I hooked up some ratcheting straps attached to the frame and my fence posts and now I don't worry about it moving at all.

I did the research and this was the best quality, that breaks down with a black frame. No regrets here.


We appreciate the thorough review on The Harley. Your support is greatly appreciated and we are thrilled we could deliver on a high quality product for you to enjoy. This is definitely one of our favorite systems and we are thrilled you have the same passion. Cheers to crushing a lot of golf balls into this net! Best wishes.

Evan Fenton